Rio Cuale Puerto Vallarta on the River

Rio Cuale Puerto Vallarta on the River. I took a walk today with Joaquina, my little dog, and first we stopped and had tacos downtown. I had a lengua (tongue) a labio (lips) and ojos (eyes) all from the cow. They were delicious. We walked down the street to the Rio Cuale river which is in downtown Puerto Vallarta, and walked down the steps to the river walk. I have never been here before, had heard about it and also heard about the new bridge they finished last year that connects up to the gringo gulch neighborhood. So I am walking along taking photos, and there is the bridge! I had seen this bridge when I went on my other adventure when I was walking through gringo gulch looking for casa kimberly, the house of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and came upon this bridge but had no idea where it went, but took some photos of it. This is the link to that blog:

Ok that was a nice surprise. Then I stopped and met a family coming down the bridge and we conversed, in Spanish which was cool. Then another man came along heading up the bridge, they knew each other, then I find out that he has a meat market local in the Emiliano Zapata colonia near my house. I said I make the best menudo in the world, and he asked for some so I will go bring some to him, he said he would give me some prepared meat too when I visit.

Then I shot a short video and I saw a cat going after what I thought was a grasshopper, turned out to be a lizard, and another cat was standing by too.

Then at the end of the walk I found a SUSPENSION BRIDGE! That was really weird to walk on, Joaquina wasn’t sure what to make of it. This link may also have some info on the Rio Cuale River in Puerto Vallarta:

Here are the photos of today in this beautiful Rio Cuale Park in Puerto Vallarta. Just 2 blocks away there is a condo, towards the beach, for only $134K

IMG_3879 IMG_3878 IMG_3877 IMG_3876 IMG_3875 IMG_3872 IMG_3871 IMG_3870 IMG_3869 IMG_3868 IMG_3867 IMG_3865 IMG_3864 IMG_3863 IMG_3862 IMG_3861 IMG_3860 IMG_3859 IMG_3858 IMG_3857 IMG_3856 IMG_3855 IMG_3854 IMG_3853

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