Foreclosures in Las Palomas-Rocky Point Bank Owned Properties

I have recently learned a bit about the process of purchasing a bank owned property. Foreclosure property is available for purchase in Rocky Point Mexico. The process is similar, yet different, naturally because the transaction is handled according to how the bank requires it to be handled. Still, the end result, is that you could have a beautiful condo on Sandy Beach, let’s say at Las Palomas, for about 20% to 30% below what the resales are currently listed for, AND get your title! Titles have already been issued on prior bank foreclosure deals. Only a handful of people know about these opportunities and those agents are scrambling to tell their prospective buyers looking for “THE DEAL”. There are few things to know about a foreclosed Las Palomas condo, one thing to consider is that it will not be furnished. When you are getting your property at such a reduced priced, it is OK, buyers of foreclosures see it as a trade off and they are still ahead. At least you have the control of how it is furnished. If you want is for the rental pool for a continuing revenue stream, you will choose sturdy furniture and furnishings. Once the cruise ship home port is completed next year (2015 they tell us) there will be passengers coming in that will need accomodations before and after the cruise.

In fact, I had received an inquiry on my website from a buyer on the other side of the earth. He was already working with a buyer’s agent, attempting to purchase a bank owned unit. He contacted me out of the blue and asked if he could hire me as a consultant. Of course! After signing my consulting agreement, I got to work. I spoke with his agent at length. I followed the process and dug deep into some of the possible issues that could arise, and gave my client reports on every small detail I uncovered. No issues, just small items that I want to be sure they are covered so he has no surprises.

After looking into the foreclosure process, I decided to market these foreclosures to my clients. I am a buyer’s agent that represents the interests of the buyer, and I have the list of links to the bank owned Las Palomas Foreclosures. Contact me with your email and I will send you the list that I have.

I can be your buyer’s agent representative so you will have the peace of mind knowing that it is a safe transaction.

See links below of foreclosures for sale.

Many bank owned units have been sold, there are more, and no one knows how long they will be available for sale. For an example, click the image:


List of foreclosures:

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