Puerta Privada Rocky Point Artists Event

Puerta Privada hosted an artists’s event last night in the clubhouse, Sat. May 24, where local artists shared their creations.
So many beautiful items! I didn’t have a chance to meet all the artists/vendors at their tables, it was very busy. I did see Naomi Black with her “Sea Debris” table, Julian that makes the beautiful shell designs encased in wood frames, next to me was a man that carves items from Ironwood, across from me was Chef Luca from Pan-e Vino promoting his divine new “sweet treats” Dolce Vita location. Yes his cheesecake WAS as tasty as it looked! There was a gal with her sterling and turquoise jewelry, and on the far side a lady that had beautiful bright paintings, plus Tony (I can’t recall his last name) a well-known photographer had his stunning framed nature shots, I just didn’t catch them all, but it was a beautiful event, including music by Tony Ximenez.

I met the coordinator. Her name is Pat Anderson Kimble. She handles Puerta Privada events and had created a beautiful space full of color and made it welcoming for the artists. As I watched her roam throughout the clubhouse I noticed her paying attention to every detail, lowering the lights and turning on the A/C as necessary, (lots of body heat with many guests!) turning up the lights before the sun was setting, arranging the vendors chairs as to not obstruct pathways, ensuring everyone’s safety, attending to the artists making sure they were having a good time and comfortable, seeing that the guests were entertained.

A huge favorite of the guests was the table that featured recycled wine bottles by Dolores Vargas-Michaels. She turns them into fabulous glassware, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, iced tea glasses, etc. In fact that was such a hit, everyone that walked by was mesmerized by the beauty of these elegant glasses, and they got handled quite a bit with wonderful comments on the workmanship. Dolores puts the recycled wine bottles through a very special and unique process (FYI: not what you see on Facebook or the internet) these are not “do it yourself at home pieces”.  Since Dolores requires an exquisite end product, she researched and found a special processing place that has a unique way of removing labels, cutting the glass, smoothing the glass, that is unlike anything else. This is how the end piece is a head turner. I watched the look on guest’s faces when they handled these, and heard their comments and feedback. One of which the pricing is great and competitive, especially considering the work and up-front cost of the process she handles. This is such a joy and passion of hers and she is happy to accept your empty wine bottles, and you will feel good about doing YOUR small part in keeping the landfills a bit cleaner. Contact her through her website: www.rockypointdiva.com


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