Mexican Beach Bum

Welcome to the wonderful world of Puerto Vallarta. If you have “landed” on this page, it’s probably for one or both of these reasons:

1. You are interested in buying property in Puerto Vallarta

2. You are interested in selling your property in Puerto Vallarta

Whichever reason, you have landed in the right place!

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If owning a Puerto Vallarta property is on your life’s “to do” list, then you chose a good time to buy, since it is a buyer’s market and there is an abundance of inventory.

What makes Puerto Vallarta so special?

Is it the beach, the water activites, the jungle, the coffee shops, the people, the taco and fruit stands, the cobblestone streets, the Rio Cuale river?

Whatever “it” is about retiring and living in Puerto Vallarta, or having a rental property, you, like thousands of other ex pats before you, will most likely find “it” in Puerto Vallarta.

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