Expat Guide for working and living in Rocky Point

Expat Guide for working and living in Rocky Point

Only two decades ago, Rocky Point was a sleepy fishing village. Today, it is a vibrant, not-so-small town with so much to offer. If you want to know more about life and work in this popular expat enclave, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about working and living in Rocky Point – one of the best places to live in Mexico.

Lots of things make Rocky Point such a popular relocation and vacation destination. There’s the proximity to the US, warm climate, low cost of living, stunning nature, friendly people, rich history and culture, just to name a few. Spanish is the main language, but English is also widely used.

Becoming part of the Rocky Point community

Moving from the USA to Mexico is a growing trend. In fact, around 2 million American expats currently live in Mexico, and Rocky Point is one of the most popular cities. Its population is around 62,000 and most of its residents are either local fishermen or expatriates who work and live in Rocky Point. Its full and part time expats engage in charity events and community activities, as well as social clubs and organizations. The locals are very friendly and willing to help, especially if you ask in Spanish.

The cost of living in Rocky Point

Expats coming from a country like the US are pleasantly surprised by how affordable Mexican cities are, even the large ones. Although some items are pricier in cities with more tourists, such as Rocky Point, some neighboring towns are cheaper. As little as $400 per month can be enough for a small apartment, food and utilities. When it comes to transportation, the locals may find it expensive, depending on their monthly income. From an expat’s perspective, it is rather affordable but, again, it depends on your salary. You can easily find a taxi and go from one part of town to another for 30 pesos ($1.50). You can easily travel to other Mexican cities by bus, train or car. Your move does not have to be expensive either. There are numerous affordable moving assistance options at your disposal if you know where to look.

Some local stores sell special American food products including salami, bacon, sausage, pie, diet soda, cheese, bagels, English muffins, spices, etc.


Working in Rocky Point

In Mexico, the minimum wage is approximately $4.00 a day, while personal income tax rates are around 32%. The main driving force of Rocky Point’s economy is tourism, while fishing is a close second. Since the city wants to focus on tourism and foreign visitor services, bi-lingual candidates are the most likely to find employment. Expats may find job opportunities with existing foreign owned or managed businesses in this area. In order to work in Mexico, you need permission from the Mexican government. Without permission, you risk being arrested and fined. You can apply for the work document at the local immigration office or any Mexican Consulate office in the U.S.

Finding a home

Whether you are buying or renting, looking for a house, condominium, or apartment in this city, there is a lot to choose from. Check out Rocky Point listings and start your hunt for that perfect beach home you have always dreamed of. Bear in mind that this is a very important investment, especially if you are purchasing a home. Therefore, make sure you have a reliable real estate agent by your side. This is the smart thing to do even when buying real estate in your hometown, let alone a foreign country. Only an agent who knows the area is the right person for the job. Also, we advise you to get homeowners or renters insurance. Working and living in Rocky Point is safer than you think.

Moving your belongings

Before you start working and living in Rocky Point, you need to pack your bags and find a convenient way to get them to your new address. Moving to a foreign country all by yourself it a risk you don’t want to take, trust us. Let professionals handle this part for you. Look for a moving company with experience in this type of relocation. A company that has been working with expats for many years is guaranteed to meet your needs. First, make sure they have a professional-looking website, such as wolleymovers.com, then, contact them personally and schedule an in-home estimate. Do not forget to ask about additional services, like packing and storage. Reputable movers will provide insurance protection, take care of the paperwork and send you the list of items that can’t be imported.

Recreational activities

There is plenty of fun to look forward to after your relocation is finalized. People from all over the world come to spend their vacation here, and that says a lot. With so many great and cheap things to do in Rocky Point, every day you spend here will be an amazing adventure. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also try something less conventional, like surfing, kayaking, ultralight flying, ziplining, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Ride a boat or a jet ski. Attend concerts, off road races, and golf tournaments. Take your family to a seafood or gourmet restaurant and have a great meal at very affordable prices. The city is known for its fresh fish and shrimp. Nightlife is not too shabby either, with a wide choice of bars, clubs, and live music.

In the spring and fall, the weather is very pleasant. However, you can expect around 50 degrees in the winter and 90-95 with high humidity in the summer.

Residency and visa requirements for working and living in Rocky Point

You can live in Rocky Point with an FMM – the temporary tourist card (a.k.a. tourist visa) you get at the border when you cross it. Many people who rent do not even bother with getting a resident card. Foreigners who opt for working and living in Rocky Point must have a resident card, whether it’s a temporary or a permanent one.


“Mexican Beach Bum” (Robin Miller) Realtor® is the Designated Broker for Mexico Real Estate and Document Services in the beautiful resort city of Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point, Mexico, where the desert meets the ocean. Just 210 miles from Phoenix or Tucson and where income producing properties start at $75,000 and homes in town start at $30,000.

Being in the Mexico Real Estate Industry for over 13 years, I have been assisting clients with their Mexico vacation home buying and selling decisions in Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point, and Puerto Vallarta.

**License #442 (licensing required by the State of Sonora)
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With my credentials and the support of my in house legal team, I am qualified to represent, and PROTECT BUYERS as they search for and purchase the perfect vacation home or income producing investment property.

It is important that a foreign buyer connects with a properly qualified licensed agent for their real estate search and purchase transaction.  Licensed agents, AMPI and NAR members are held to high ethical standards; attend continuing education classes, and keeping up to date on current issues so they can help guide their clients through the buying and selling process in Mexico.

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