Tips For Traveling To Rocky Point For The First Time

Tips For Traveling To Rocky Point For The First Time

If you’ve wanted to travel somewhere fun and exotic for a long time, we’ve got a destination for you. Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, can definitely be your dream destination that you will come back to many times in the future. However, you may have heard some stories about it and you are worried about the safety of  Puerto Penasco, and we get it. Luckily, if you are traveling to Rocky Point for the first time, you have this guide ready. Here are the most important tips on visiting this amazing place for the first time – but definitely not the last!

Traveling for the first time can be an amazing vacation if you are well-prepared


If you travel for the sake of getting to know the place before moving there – we can surely congratulate. If you plan the relocation well, and choose the right moving company – like Ample Moving NJ, you have nothing to worry about. Many Americans choose to move to Rocky Point, and you can be among them safely and quickly. You’ll be calling Puerto Penasco your new home in no time.

Traveling to Rocky Point for the first time – basic preparations

When visiting Puerto Penasco, make sure to have all the basics ready. These include :

  • passport – always have a copy of it with you. You can also bring a green card instead.
  • insurance – it is very important to get insurance in Mexico, since it is illegal to drive without it. Choose a safe option when taking insurance, and remember – it is much expensive if you take it when you come to the border.
  • if you are driving to Rocky Point – the car needs to be registered in your name.
  • purchase a phone plan suitable for travelling abroad. Roaming can cause a lot of problems and unnecessary costs if you don’t prepare for the trip. So be sure to buy an international phone plan for your mobile, so you can use calls and data at a much lower price.
  • money – you will need to change dollars to pesos. Even though ‘ Casas de Cambio’ – exchange offices are available everywhere, ATMs give you the best exchange rate.

Organizing your travel is the key to a safe and enjoyable vacation


Packing for Rocky point

For a fun, stress-free trip to Rocky Point, be sure to pack wisely, bringing the items you will really need over there.


It is advisable not to drink tap water. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just contains bacteria that your body is not used to. However, you can use it to wash your teeth or take a bath, but bring some water bottles for drinking, or buy bottled water in Rocky Point.

Clothes and Shoes

Yes, you are going to the beach. However, if you are visiting in spring, bring a light jacket for cooler nights. In summer, it tends to be very humid, so cotton shirts and shorts are necessary, as well as the swimming suit. When it comes to shoes, rubber sandals/flip-flops are the best for the beach sand. Bring some casual clothes, too, if you plan on going shopping or visiting some other places than the beach.


If you are traveling to Rocky Point for the first time in summer, be sure to bring a good sunscreen. Don’t let yourself burn so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Basically, you can buy everything at local stores/pharmacies in Rocky Point. It is important to pack well, however, it is not a big deal if you forget something.

If you are traveling to Rocky Point for the first time – you should know this

When traveling to Rocky Point for the first time, there are some things about life there that you should know.

Summer months are probably the least popular for tourists. The reason for that is weather – it’s hot and humid. The busiest time is definitely Spring Break, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of tourists and have trouble finding accommodation during that time.

Street food is amazing. There are some great taco and hot-dog stands on the streets. However, you should be careful. If you are not sure about eating outside, simply don’t do it and pick some of the great Rocky point restaurants. Usually the menus are both in Spanish and English, so you don’t need to learn Spanish to eat here. Nevertheless, you should know some of the basic Spanish words and expressions just in case.

Figure 3 Mexican food is delicious, so be sure to try it out when traveling to Rocky Point for the first time

Pets can be amazing vacation friends. However, be sure to have all the documentation about shots before you head to Rocky Point. Most rental properties do not allow pets, please consider leaving them at home.

Shopping is great and there are many interesting items and souvenirs you can buy here. Be sure to have cash with you and be ready to use your negotiating skills. You can lower the price a bit, but don’t overdo it. Just keep the receipts of everything you purchase, in case you need it at the Customs.

Buying a property

You shouldn’t be buying a property in Puerto Penasco without the proper forms. If you plan on moving here, be sure to get help from a professional real estate agent for a smooth and safe purchase. Buying a property in a foreign country is never easy, so getting help from professionals is the best decision you can make. Furthermore, if your move is a long distance one, you should pick the right moving company, too. Moving to a foreign country on your own is difficult and stressful, so you should ease the process and choose a reliable moving company.

It’s time to enjoy

Your vacation is almost there, so be ready to enjoy it. Traveling to Rocky Point for the first time will be an amazing experience, filled with sunshine, amazing food, and having a great time. If you are prepared and know everything about your trip – you are ready for a new adventure.



“Mexican Beach Bum” (Robin Miller) Realtor® is the Designated Broker for Mexico Real Estate and Document Services in the beautiful resort city of Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point, Mexico, where the desert meets the ocean. Just 210 miles from Phoenix or Tucson and where income producing properties start at $75,000 and homes in town start at $30,000.

Being in the Mexico Real Estate Industry for over 12 years, I have been assisting clients with their Mexico vacation home buying and selling decisions in Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point, and Puerto Vallarta.

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With my credentials and the support of my in house legal team, I am qualified to represent, and PROTECT BUYERS as they search for and purchase the perfect vacation home or income producing investment property.

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