Rocky Point around town Interesting photos

A few months ago, I wrote a blog and posted over 40 photos of Rocky Point stop signs and Rocky Point trees .  I continue to encounter other things, could be weird, odd, funny, interesting,  thought provoking, things that make our city special. I bought a carton of eggs the other day, they are at Sinaloa Fruteria and 30 to a pack and not refrigerated, which is not a problem. I always say I like my eggs fresh with feathers and other things stuck to the shell. Those other things protect the egg from intruding bacteria believe it or not. This one egg had the largest feather so I had to take a photo and add to my “odd” collection of photos.

The dog with the red shirt, I took that photo when I first moved here in 2006, he was a happy dog, a block from Burrito Express, and was in May so it wasn’t too hot yet for him to be dressed. The dog on the roof is not too common here, but it is very common in Puerto Vallarta, when I lived there I didn’t take any photos. The dogs on their back were in my friend’s house, her dogs were just resting, looks funny. Lazy bums.

On Blvd Freemont, as I was driving, I saw this tiny car with a tiny boat, so cute. At the border in Lukeville in front of the post office, a sign was posted a few months ago, no explanation needed.

You will see trucks carrying anything for sale, in this case there was one selling flamingos and the other with partial mannequin bodies.

The sewer drain cover in front of my house is made of plastic and until the city came to fix it, a neighbor put up the stick and plastic bag to warn drivers. This is the same hole a dog was rescued from, video I took of the fire dept rescuing the dog, with the neighborhood dogs watching, then greeting him when he got free:

This is a dog obeying the rules, not entering Super Ley:

My favorite is the yellow sign “don’t throw out your tires here”

Another favorite is the sign in the Malecon when no alcoholic drinks allowed, LOL, love the translation.

I was having a burger at Eric’s burger on Calle 13 last month, and this little girl sat on the saddle, so cute.

The jet ski photo, I couldn’t get the whole thing. It was a truck, pulling the trailer with 2 jet skis, then another 2 jet skis, then a boat with the banana boat on top of that.

Now the truck with the big tire. At the entrance of the Lopez Acevez community I saw a big tire, then we met the Ejido president Pancho, every time he drives up and down the road, he hooks up the tire and drags it to keeps road clear and flat. The little church structure was also in this community and in an owner’s backyard.

Was stopped at the RR tracks yesterday, the train stopped in front of me, apparently had issues with the train car in front of me, the workers were checking on it. Took 20 minutes, but I am patient. As the guy stepped from one car to the next, I got the cool shot mid air.

The 911 sign was at Sonoyta, “Tanks”!!















































































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