New movie being filmed in Rocky Point

I had the opportunity of being an “extra” in a movie that is being filmed in Rocky Point. It’s called “Jappy Days” pronounced Happy Days. When I wasn’t in  a scene, I took videos and photos of some of the activity. These young people that are filming it, are so pleasant and passionate about what they do. They’ve been working tirelessly in the extreme heat, and long days.

I met Carmen, Marina, Maria, Alejandra, to name a few that were part of the production crew, producers, wardrobe, director etc.
I had met Fausto Soto Jr. first, when I was at the Punta Coyote campground on an adventure, he said they were filming a movie and needed “extras”. So I went to the airport a couple days later. They were shooting a scene with the 3 kids in the bed of a pickup, Fausto asked me can they use my car in the background, sure! I handed him the keys. They are resourceful, using what they have on hand.

After a 12 hour day at the airport, (I was there from 6am to 6:30pm), I left, and they were still working. They’re very friendly, thanking me for being there, offering breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. They were very pleased that I offered to write a blog and post on Facebook. Whatever can be done to promote the movie and Rocky Point. I knew they were shooting at our local Sinaloa Fruteria and vegetable market (with the police car in front). Some of these photos are from their filming out at the Punta Coyote campground where I first met Fausto Soto Jr, he told us they were looking for extras. They say it’s being released in 2018. Pedro Damian, famous Mexican actor plays the grandfather and his daughter Alexa , a Mexican actress, and her 3 children also were in the movie. Some of the videos I took were of Pedro rolling around his grandkids on a handcart/dolly, keeping them amused. They were well behaved and got to sleep on the chairs, play on the computer etc. See the link here of videos

Enjoy the photos and the movie when it comes out!

































































































































































































































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