Mexican Government Takes an Americans Condo

Mexican Government Takes an Americans Condo

The link below will take you a disturbing article about an unfortunate situation in Mexico. The buyer purchased a condo at a beautiful resort in Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point, called Bella Sirena. The majority of properties purchased by foreigners down here are perfectly safe if the buyer obtained their “Bank Trust” to protect them as the true owner.

This is the link to the article and I had commented on:


My comment:
The Mexican government does not take property. Foreigners CAN own property in Mexico.

Away from the coastlines and borders, a foreigner can own property with direct title just like a Mexican citizen. Along the coastline (and borders) a foreigner CAN own through a bank trust. That is full legal ownership. Info:…/page_2528681.html

I feel for the condo owner, Donna. Unfortunately she did not receive her title (bank trust) until it was too late. She is paying for the sins of Pelican Partners, who should have made sure she was getting her title/bank trust.

This is another educational opportunity for buyers to learn from. There is NO cost for consulting. Ask your agent or developers agent about your security of ownership. There have been THOUSANDS of successful transactions that are never published, so this case is uncommon. There are many, many more good transactions but we never heard about the good ones that get processed and foreigners get their titles successfully. Unfortunately BAD NEWS SELLS but this is still a good opportunity to bring light to a situation that could have been prevented.



My comment:
ANOTHER ONE! With no Bank Trust. Jason, the CBS reporter said a bank trust is like title insurance in the U.S., why do reporters make up stuff? The homeowner said they have no rights. By not getting their bank trust, they pretty much waived their rights. YES THEY DO have rights. At least listen to what the Mexican Consulate says (in Phoenix) in the video he says these are no reasons NOT to buy here. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.. All this hassle CAN be prevented. Enough is enough. Again, bad news sells and the media is always all over it, and they reported it wrong, again.



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