Rocky Point Spa Days- Capricho

Capricho continues to be my favorite place to go for girl stuff like gelish nails and pedicures. The staff is always friendly, easy to make an appointment, competitive prices, and English is spoken. I have been taking different friends to Capricho’s so they can see for themselves how nice this salon is. It’s very relaxing and is a great place to “escape”. Capricho is located in Plaza Pelicano (where Yummy Salads USED to be). I was getting a pedicure yesterday and took a few photos, one shows the fire department and arrows on the graphic where the shrimp park is. Very easy to find once you have the idea. Parking is great and plenty of it. I sometimes grab an iced mocha at the coffee shop in the same plaza, then go for my nails or pedicure. This time I did not get a french polish. I got PINK, wow very unusual for me but it is really pretty. I have worn french nails for many years and on rare occasions I get my toes painted a different color.

Ivette did my pedicure again, you can see the massage machine they use. You can also see from where I was sitting (in the pedicure massage chair) that it was getting very busy and people waiting for their turn.

What was really cute yesterday was seeing that the owner (Denise Laguna) had her son Mauricio with her. He was helping Ivette with the color options at the nail station. He was there the whole time I was there and he was very well behaved. Mauricio was calm and helpful to his mom and is a very handsome boy.

Also in the photos below took a photo from an ad in one of the local papers so you can see more details, address, phone etc.

Call the salon for your appointment: 638-388-8080 or see them on Facebook by searching as:

Capricho Secado Express Pedicure Gelish

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