Cholla Bay Casino Night-Rocky Point Mexico

Wow, what fun that night was! Last night, Saturday March 28, I went with 2 friends, Angela and Dolores, to the Casino night in Cholla Bay at the Sportsman’s Club. From the minute we entered, we were greeted by cool people, dressed in all their “bling” and the ladies were wearing super large diamond rings. The whole event was dripping of elegance, silver, diamonds, gold, the decorations etc.

It was well organized, fun, busy, and the food was awesome, the ladies in the kitchen were working hard delivering the evening snack/dinner which was yummy! The guys at the bar were awesome, making very good drinks and was so easy, just drop some cash/tips direct to the charity jar when we got our drinks. One of my favorites was enjoying fresh yummy popcorn, strategically placed in bowls throughout the room. The room was lit up with pretty lights, just so festive all the way around. A beautiful quilt was the star of the raffle drawing. Many wonderful donated gifts were auctioned off. There were lots of cheers at the gambling tables and was a very fun night for us and many others. The night went by so fast!

I hope there’s another event next year!

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