Rocky Point Mexico Pet Grooming

The weather is getting warmer and I promised my dog I am taking her to the “spa”. She is a funny werewolf looking chihuahua and I get questions all the time “what is she?” I say half chihuahua and half werewolf because she’s so furry. I have been seeing the signs for Rocky Pet, and my friend takes her dog there and really likes them. My dog “Joaquina” which is pronounced “Wa-kee-na” had a great day.  She had a haircut, nails trimmed, bath, teeth cleaning, the works. When I arrived to pick her up, they were giving the finishing touches, so I took a few pictures. The owner is Ariadna and she says it’s easier for most people to say “Ari”. I had to write it down so  I got it correct in this post. The groomer was Lydia and she did a great job and very kind to my doggy. (remember to tip your groomers) What a neat business to be in when you love animals. A lady brought her dog in and he was put in the “waiting cages”. Once his mom left, the dog cried and cried. See the photo where Ariadna sat down with him and comforted him. My dog squirms so Ariadna held him while Lydia used the scissors to trim her face. Also I am posting their flyer so you can see their information. Sorry, I couldn’t fix that image to rotate.

I got a kick out of these photos, hope you will too.

IMG_1188 IMG_1187 IMG_1183 IMG_1180 IMG_1178 IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_11741

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