Rocky Point Home Sold-Puerto Penasco Mexico

I was referred to a house listing in town where I live. I live in the resort beach town of Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point Mexico, an hour drive to the Arizona border, where beach homes and condos abound. This listing in town is a very nice home, well loved, and wonderful people needed to sell. They are local pastors at a church they built from the ground up 15 years ago, and now ready to go back to the US to be closer to the grandkids. Houses in town are not the quickest to sell because they are not near the beach. Many single family homes here sit on the MLS for 1,2 and 3 years during a down market. But this one and its sellers are special. I took the listing and after all my online promoting, the buyer came to my website asking about this home. The buyer and his wife are from Minnesota. They are ready to retire, leave the US, and get more for their money and live a new life in our little beach town. They made the offer via email, and when the sellers returned to their home after a 60 day visit to the US, I presented them with the verbal email offer. They said OK, so I wrote it up. The buyers were here within a few days to inspect it and within minutes of driving up, they knew this was their house. After measuring rooms, taking videos and photos, the buyer took down the for sale sign, had me take their photo, and said “I am taking this sign back to Minnesota as a souvenir, and I’m hungry, I’m buying lunch, let’s go!” The sellers and the buyers and I (plus the caretaker of the home and 2 friends of the buyer) went to enjoy fresh shrimp and Mexican style lunch with ocean views to celebrate.

Lots of hugs later, I was really enjoying this surreal “love fest”. We knew that God’s hand was in all this, and then when some of the church members heard I had sold the Pastor’s house, they are now coming to me to list their homes. I do share with them that every deal is different and of course no guarantees but I will do my best, and Godwilling, their house will sell quickly, when it is supposed to. These new referrals are happy to list and listen to my advice. These new listings are Mexicans that do not speak English, so I am speaking my best Spanish, and reaching out to a Spanish speaking agent to co-list with me so we can serve these owners the best we can.

This type of transaction is my wish for every real estate agent. I hope you all have this type of experience that would bring tears to your eyes too. I am looking forward to the backyard BBQ’s they will be having. Un mas cerveza, por favor!


I am Robin Miller, the “Mexican Beach Bum”. Broker-Owner of Mexican Beach Homes.
I have been in the Mexico Real Estate Industry for 8 years, assisting clients with their Mexico vacation home buying and selling decisions in Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point.

As a member of AMPI, the Mexican National Association for Real Estate Agents, and a member of NAR, the U.S. National Association of Realtors®, and with access to the MLS, I am qualified to represent buyers as they search for and purchase the perfect vacation home.

It is important that a foreign buyer connects with a properly qualified agent for their real estate search and purchase transaction.  AMPI members and NAR members are held to high ethical standards; attend continuing education classes, and keeping up to date on current issues so they can help guide their clients through the buying and selling process in Mexico.

In Mexico, I have authority to pay ANYONE finders fees upon a closed transaction.
Ask me for a FREE guide to safely purchase Mexico real estate.

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