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I blogged this article in Active Rain just now:

Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point, is experiencing a facelift. Once a town for camping on the beach in tents, just a short 3.5 hour drive from either Phoenix or Tucson, it is only 1 one hour drive to the Arizona border. The best kept secret. We have been known as “Arizona’s Beach” for many years. Then after 9-11, the developers had an idea. People were concerned 1about flying to beach destinations, but they could easily drive, so the condos were built and condos were sold right and left, a huge real estate boom. Then all the negative press happened, swine flu, drug violence (not us! we are not the dangerous area of Mexico) new passport requirements, then the economy took a dive and we suffered. We are vacation homes, many properties were given back to the bank and owners walked away. At one time a 2 bedroom condo on the beach sold for $300 to 400k, then about 2 years ago you see prices at $60,000. No more. Now they are $125k or more, and prices steadily increasing as inventory sells. We have less inventory than this time last year and now with the new infrastructure, Sam’s club, Walmart (called Aurrera Bodega), AutoZone, Little Ceasar’s Pizza, new roads, new convention center, new international airport which now offers service to Las Vegas Nevada, new coastal highway (cuts off driving time by 2 hours) and the BIG one, the cruise ship home port is being constructed. We have Mexico’s first and only cruise ship home port being constructed as you read this. This has been in the making for years, the project was approved in 2008 but with all the economic downturn it didn’t happen. The dream is a reality.

I have clients (buyers) coming to my website, and making offers on property via email, people coming the cold areas, baby boomers selling their homes and coming to the warmth and sunshine. The only thing we shovel here is a few grains of sand!!

I pay referral fees and have a referral program for anyone (even non agents) we are allowed to pay referral fees to anybody. We have no regulatory agency. This means buyers should choose an agent that is a REALTOR®,  (me) a member of AMPI, Mexico’s real estate agent association (me) because we are held to the higher ethical standards. Ask me about my referral program!

Here is the link to the photos and video of the Home port ceremony with the Governor and other dignitaries.


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