Construction underway for Rocky Point cruise ship port

I am so happy that Dan Marries wrote this article and shared it. In the past, several years ago, have you Arizonans noticed that when the Phoenix and Tucson TV stations showed the weather, it showed Rocky Point on their map? They would refer to Rocky Point as having great weather for the weekend, etc. After all the bad press, that really hurt Arizonans, the w475h356downturn in the economy etc, Rocky Point was never mentioned, nor was the weather. You would not see the temperature on the map. Now after several years, we are seeing an increase in real estate sales, renters coming back, great events, more traffic, Sam’s Club, Little Ceaser’s Pizza, Auto Zone, new convention center, movie theatre, new international airport, flights  to and from Las Vegas, Mexico’s first cruise ship home port, new paved roads, new coastal highway, plus our safety. IMG_5383We are safer here than many areas in the US (please don’t throw us in the same category as the borders of Juarez or TJ, we don’t do that to the U.S.) Besides we don’t need a bullet proof vest to go to the mall, schools, and movie theatres. We have weathered the storm and during the lean times in Mexico (I worked in both Puerto Penasco and Puerto Vallarta, both were depressed equally) now we are making a comeback. Did you notice that all these improvements were being done during the “bad times”? We are proud of our place by the sea. We know it will not be the same as it was when we used to camp on the beaches in tents, but “they” call it “progress” and everyone benefits. Huge economic impact we are already seeing.

Here is his article!!
Construction underway for Rocky Point cruise ship port, by Dan Marries
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

If you build it, they will come. That’s the hope and plan for a cruise ship Home Port in Rocky Point, Mexico. Once completed, people living in Tucson and Phoenix will be only a few hour’s drive from being able to catch a luxury cruise ship that will sail up and down the Sea of Cortez.

Construction on the massive project is in full swing and it has the backing of the Mexican federal government which has already spent 190 million pesos for the first phase and has committed 300-million pesos this year; that equates to roughly $360,000,000 U.S. dollars.

Building began in mid-December and crews are working seven days a week, hauling in rocks by the truckload, to build the future Home Port that will stretch a kilometer, or about 6/10’s of a mile, out into the sea on the west end of Sandy Beach towards Cholla Bay.1493276_557557730985638_40064478444444

Last week Guillermo Padrés, the governor of Sonora, Mexico, visited the Home Port to view the progress first hand and show his commitment to the project telling the crowd, “the best is yet to come,” and “we proved that dreams do come true,” saying the project will create steady and stable tourism that will benefit everyone in the region.

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