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I attended the large ceremony last week, on January 29th, the State of Sonora’s Governor and other distinguished guests were here to give their support, comments on the economic impact etc. It was very informative. I shot a video of most of it, and took many photos. Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point is getting back on the map. In fact for years, the Tucson and Phoenix TV stations covered the weather in Rocky Point, “it’s a great day to run down to Rocky Point for the weekend”, you would hear. That stopped about 5 years ago when all the issues started that hurt us, in fact they were really hurting Arizonans. Now I see one of the TV stations showing Peñasco’s temperatures, they just don’t mention it. The Arizona media is publishing articles, so pretty soon as the pier continues to be built, we will hear much more. The prices have started to increase, inventory is lower than this time last year, all obvious clues.IMG_5400 IMG_4302 IMG_5383best

I have never been on a cruise ship, so for sure, since Rocky Point is the departure port, I will be on the first cruise out of here. Here are some photos and the video so you can see the significance. History!!

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