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A member posted the request to post what we love about Rocky Point. As I read all the postings, I realized this would make a great blog article. Unfortunately “bad news sells” but we need to keep the momentum going to create a positive atmosphere and environment, keep positive in our minds and hearts. No room for negativity or nay sayers. I really loved her post request and I copied and pasted the positive comments here, no names attached, but you can visit the forum yourself and check it out www.rockypointtalk.com
Read for yourself what others have to say, and I agree what we have in Rocky Point-Puerto Peñasco
is the best of all worlds here. You be the judge.


I just wanted to start off the new year with a NEW TOPIC about “WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT ROCKY POINT?” Be Positive! No negativity please – I think we have all heard enough already so if you must be negative please post elsewhere.

For me – First and foremost when I am in Mexico all the worries North of the border disappear and just melt into rest and relaxation. Sleep in late – have morning coffee on the balcony while watching the dolphins play – take a walk the beach looking for treasures – take a nap – take another walk on the beach in the other direction – have a cocktail (or 2 – or 3) in the hot tub while watching the sunset. The beauty, the food, the shopping, the people – Good times!!

We visited Rocky Point from New York for the first time in May 2012. After doing some research, we wondered if the location could possibly live up to its reputation. Did it ever! Upon arriving, I knew this place was different. I was more awake breathing the salty air, more alive hearing the sounds of the sea birds, and more energized knowing that this was a place I could someday call home. It’s got it all–beautiful mountains, never-ending beaches, dune-filled deserts, three hundred plus days of sunshine, mouthwatering food, and kindhearted residents. I mean, really, what’s NOT to love about Rocky Point?

I have friends dying from Stress in the USA (new years eve). I don’t have that here. I eventually will die but it won’t be from stress and it will be in Mexico.

I love the relaxation of sitting on the balcony watching a killer sunset – happens every day here. Shopping at the Santa Fe and the Bodega across the street is fun – trying to figure out what normal stuff is, like sour cream or cheese, for example. Getting fresh, hot tortillas from a house in town. Butchering the language while attempting to communicate, and not being ridiculed for your poor efforts. Walking the beach and getting tanned in January

Waking up and hearing how quiet it is only to be spoiled by the occasional ATV coming around.
Going to get warm fresh tortillas and then making a big breakfast for the family.
Cruising around to some of the beaches in my buggy, stopping to enjoy the view from the beach.
Feeding the seagulls with bread, amazing in 2 minutes you can have 50 of them floating above our house.
Going to one of our 10-12 favorite places to eat.
Watching the sunset with a cold Pacifico in hand.

Just knowing this type of day will be repeated again the next day with variations, because I am blessed to be this lucky
to enjoy Mexico this much and have many more trips coming over the next 20+ years

Hello all! First post on this forum! I just returned to LA after 5 days in rocky point. I have been coming down for RP vacations for 14 years. Even though I now live in Los Angeles, it is absolutely worth the drive.

I love Mary’s limonadas, thiftys on a Friday night, clams and shrimp and margaritas, seeing dolphins and other wildlife (this time we saw a whale’s blowhole mist!! On New Year’s Day), and most importantly waking up to a view of sea.

I’ve been many places but my heart is in rocky point.

I’ll just echo all of the above and add;
Meeting new people every time I come down. Making new friends….if only for a weekend.
Sipping a cold tequila or a an ice cold XX.
Shopping at Super Ley… collecting all my favorites.
Just being there….. Forgetting about the daily grind.

Obviously, the beach and the Sea of Cortes, but what I love best is/are the people. Plain and simple, the people.

I have never had a bad day in Puerto Penasco, even the day I became best friends with the police department and the
judge. Never a bad day. Can’t wait to return.

All of the above, along with the fact that Penasco/Mexico’s rough edge has always been precisely what adds to it being the ‘Cure for civilization’, as Club Med used to claim. We have been visiting, touring and generally doing business in Mexico longer than many of the naysayer ‘experts’ on this forum have been alive and I can attest that although Mexico has a long history of shooting itself in the foot, it always rebounds in even better shape. A one hour drive below the US border is all it takes to enjoy bargain vacations on beautifull beaches and spicy entertainment or mere relaxation with fresh seafare and libations. I always enjoy the very best of both US and Mexico worlds very close by and although I eventually enjoy returning to the US, I am already making plans to return to Penasco. I really love Mexico and its people.

I moved to RP because I love the ocean, the friendly people, the fishing, the boating, the food. I like meeting people from all over the world who vacation in RP. ( I met people from Europe 2 weeks ago here vacationing in RP ) I like that its a small town & you can be most anywhere in a 5 minute drive. I like taking the boat out fishing & dolphin / whale watching or taking the dune buggy to explore the dunes, estuary or remote beaches.

I feel the same way – unfortunately it will be closer to 10 years for us – Argh!!!!!

And I enjoy that RP is geographically in the perfect location at the top of the Sea Of Cortez only a 1 hour drive from the US with no large cities near by making it the perfect destination to easily drive to etc……Just another day in paradise in RP..

What I love most about RP is what most have already mentioned AND where else only a one hour drive away from the US can you own a gorgeous beach front property for a fraction of what the same property costs in California or Florida etc. And in RP you are truly beachfront & you can walk your dog on the beach & pull your jet ski / boat right up on the beach etc……I love Mexico and RP !!

The good people – really good people we have met, and continue to meet each trip.
the beach along the Mirador – simply beautiful.
cold cervesas, fine tequila, shrimp and fish.
getting to explore each time we go down, and seeing something we haven’t seen before – learning stuff and making memories.
finally – looking forward to being there much more in the future.

I really like some of the places to eat,a few of the vets and the dentists are good,the Red Cross comes in handy,Sams is a interesting big box but I do like to see it in my rear view mirror when I head to Mexico.

Tacos, Tequila, Mar, Chicas,Pescando, andar en las playa’s. calle 13, malecon, pan dulce, Burger King (lol), Adventure….

I loved my lunch today and I loved our beach walk afterwards!

Speaking for myself, I would say that one of the biggest draws for us it that it is exactly 4 hours drive from “door to shore” for us. Having been to California and Florida, as well as along the “Mexican Riviera”. The fact that we can stay on actual beach front property for so much less and being able to bring big doggie with us have been fantastic and, consequently, we have taken vaction time more, which is another huge benefit. I realize it is not for everyone, but it is working out so good for us. We have discussed the pro’s and con’s of owning, but for now we just rent which has been working out very well for us so far. Maybe someday when we do not have these 40+ hours a week jobs we can look into more options.

No two trips are ever the same…. always try something new

I think what we like the most about being in Mexico and in Playa Encanto is all the friends we made over 13 years with all of our trips to the Playa and in town. We are a ways out and we make trips to town with friends to visit friends that live in town for lunch or dinner then to the fish market to see Jose. One of the high lights is we just had our 5th annual New Years beach parade down the entire beach with every one lit up with their Jeep, Sand Rail, Suzuki, Quad. There was a lot of people out here to bring in the New Year.

I like the burrito ladies coming by on weekend mornings. Finding openwater weirdities like seahorses and fireblue jellyfish and an osprey taking a fish just off your bow. Playing “Find the ALTO Sign–Right, Median, or Missing!” on J. Dominguez. Stand-up paddling into a pod of dolphins and flipping out and falling in when one comes too close. Tidewalking the pools when the sea is out. Swimming down the shoreline when the sea is in. Snorkeling when the sea is clear. That online map from the ’60s that says “Sharks All Over” off Las Conchas. The sandrays going away at summer’s end. The ladies hucking oysters for me at El Barco. The 5000-year-old archaeological sites around the estuaries and Cholla Bay. The lineup of “Almost Free” guys selling–oddly–firewood and honey on Fremont. The plaza on the malecon. The unspeakable meat parts for sale in the supers. The new coastal highway. The Tiburones, and how it looks like every player is named “Tecate”. The Pinacate moonscape on the jeep trail out to Cona Roja. The 11 seaside holes at the Mayan Palace. The CEDO tide calendar. Running on the nice, firm flats at low tide. June. Half of July. Sunset bocci, and that feeling when you think the ball is going in the water, but at the last second it hangs up in a little tide pool. Roger Clyne music. 1/10 of Mark Mulligan music. “Uncle Johnny” at Capones teaching my stepson things like, “Always take a hot chick with you to a strip club.” *****
Wrecked at the Reef…all of it. The view from Competition Hill. The “Vodka Lady’s” front yard in Cholla. Snorkeling with sea lions at Bird Island. The cheesy pirate show on the Rey del Mar. The “sunset” thread that has the same picture 97 times.

I think we were cut from the same mold.
Even though I have lived in Arizona most all my life, and have been to Mexico before (Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Mazatlan 3 times, a few of the boarder towns) I never really became aware of the connection I have to to Mexico till visiting Puerto Penasco. Some of my family and friends say I was Mexican in a
a past life

I have only been going down since 2004 and have gone at least twice a year since. I to feel more at home there than I do in the US.
Call me crazy…..

I have been to Hawaii 4x, the Bahamas, Canada and various places in Mexico.
What I have found is that whether I’m in Puerto Vallarta or Puerto Penasco, I’m am the most Relaxed while in those places, Ok Mazatlan and San Carlos come in close second.

In a few more years when our kid’s are all grown up we plan on spending 6 months a year at all the Mexico places mentioned and other locals in Mexico.
As much as I’m not a fan of the cruise port idea, I actually look forward to doing a cruise from there to visit other locals on the Sea of Cortez.

I’m a self-proclaimed re-born Mexicana and look forward to moving to Mexico full time in four years 3 1/2 years. Until then, we visit one to two times a year and I dream in shades of turquoise.


What I love besides the obvious venue of sand and sun, is coming down and seeing my friends and neighbors again. Cholla is a small community of wonderful people. When we go into town we always meet new friends find new fun places to return to. We feel very luck to be able to come down twice a month.

We feel fortunate. I can’t wait to retire and stay for months at a time though.


Twice a month – and I thought we were doing great if we could get there twice a year! Good for you – and I too am super jealous.
Well it seems that we are all waiting for “someday”.


What I love the most is how the members of this forum are ready to jump at each others throat in here and then meet at the beach or PP in general and act like best buddies, of course with a Tecate on hand!!! but what I REALLY like the most is the warm feeling of belonging that I get when I interact with people anywhere in PP and of course the FOOD!!!!

What I love about Rocky Point is that I am hoping to be there again – very soon!

27 days and counting

Hoping to be down by 4:30 today at the latest! Grocery store run, and a beer in my hand by 6:00 p.m.!!!!

On our way down too! Can’t wait to get a beer! The supermarket can wait until tomorrow, the beach is calling me.


  • Counting shrimp boats on the horizon.
  • Having a cold XX with breakfast after a beach walk.
  • Doctors waiting to help you in the lobby of Red Cross when you walk in.
  • The old Polaroid camera guy in Old Port.
  • “banana boat!!!!”
  • Capones’ pizza, Pac-Man’s jokes, Johnny’s Viking braids, waiting for my frozen beer to melt.
  • Carne con chile burritos at Longos
  • Having the whole beach to myself
  • Watching Osprey pluck fish out of the surf.
  • Sweating screen doors when it’s humid.
  • The beauty of the Sonoran desert touching the ocean.
  • Getting the green light.
  • Feeling like Pinacate has moved wherever I am.

WONDERFUL POSTS and Thank you to everyone.


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