El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora Mexico

My business partner, Maria Alemany, and I just listed a cute house in El Golfo de Santa Clara, and the El Capitan Restaurant, Bar and RV park also in El Golfo de Santa Clara. The house is about 6 blocks from the beach and the restaurant El Capitan is beach front. Since the only real estate agent in town retired, she has graciously given us her home to list and the El Capitan that is owned by her friend Teresa. See Teresa’s interview at the link below. See the home link below.IMG_4283
El Golfo de Santa Clara holds many memories for many people, and many memories are continuing to be made now, since El Golfo is a huge attraction for its sandy pristine beaches, weekend getaways and camping, there are several nice hotels here too. It is Yuma’s beach, about a 2 hr drive, and even shorter drive for those coming from San Luis and Mexicali. This is where the 4 wheelers and dune buggies go, very popular for Mexicans and Americans to bring their ATV’s, they have races, there are many youtube videos about it. This one is good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9d5H78sdQo
Tom and Sandy O’Hare the publishers of the Rocky Point Times always wrote about the “El Golfo Run” every year. Glen Martinez, a Puerto Penasco and Arizona Realtor also is a huge fan of El Golfo, he and his family have been going there for 40 years, way before electricity and paved roads he tells me!
Many people stop there and don’t go any further to Rocky Point. Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso’s team went there to study and record the Vaquita (looks like a dolphin), Sean Penn’s movie “Into the Wild” was filmed there, Teresa the owner of El Capitan has a photo of Sean Penn up on her “celebrity wall”: http://www.imdb.com/search/title?locations=El%20Golfo%20de%20Santa%20Clara%2C%20Sonora%2C%20Mexico&ref_=ttloc_loc_1
The movie “Borderline” was also filmed there.
There is also beachfront land listing in the MLS and I have access to that information for anyone that is interested.
It is on the route of the new coastal highway that was completed a couple of years ago, in fact the road construction was held up in 2008, I remember I was in my office when my friend, Liane Armstrong wrote up a rental contract for some archeologists staying in Rocky Point, there were many archeologists that were on the dig, once the government and diggers were satisfied then they could complete the road construction. There are still digs going on today.

Teresa and El Capitan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lr7_peIMHM&feature=c4-overview&list=UUV0eZjJbHu7m4o3WzHuY04A

See the listing details here for El Capitan: http://elcapitan.mexicanbeachhomes.com

See the listing details on the El Golfo home for sale: http://www.mexicanbeachbum.com/El_Golfo_de_Santa_Clara/Sonora/Homes/El_Golfo_de_Santa_Clara/Agent/Listing_84432409.html


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