Puerto Vallarta Vegetables and Meat

Puerto Vallarta vegetables and meat markets…
Yesterday, Sunday March 18, 2013, was the big day for me to go to the vegetable and meat market in my neighborhood. My doggy Joaquina and I walked the 3 blocks or so to the mercados. We needed to go early since they close early Sundays. This mercado is in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. Neighborhoods are known as “Colonias”. I live in Colonia “Caloso” which is right next to “Canoas”. In the Emiliano Zapata vegetable and meat market area/mercado, there is a lavenderia (laundry), meat market (carneceria), vegetables and fruit market, restaurants, small shops selling toys and kitchen ware, a locksmith, flower shop, and more.

I went to the meat market for chicken, and the vegetable market for: cilantro, huge head of cauliflower, celery, red onions, white onions, shallots, green onions, avocados, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, and I’m sure there was more, just don’t recall.

The chicken were 2 large legs with the thighs attached. Cost about $2. The vegetables cost about $8. Also down the street there is a fish market, the other day I got a filet that was thick and tasty, weighed about a half pound if I had to guess, that cost was about $2.50. All prices I am saying are in US dollars, for the readers understanding. I only use pesos, so I give estimates in USD.

I love the prices at these mercados. The food is fresh and tasty and great prices. It was a very busy morning! The umbrella out front is a guy selling cheese and offering samples.

Next Sunday will be another adventure, just don’t know yet what that will be.

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