Puerto Vallarta Iguanas

Puerto Vallarta Iguanas are HUGE! The first time I came to Vallarta, was 4 years ago. I stayed at the Mayan Palace in the marina. Climbing up the trees, hangin out at the river inside the Mayan, were HUGE Iguanas, they were beautiful. The largest I have ever seen. They were green, some were orange, pretty crazy looking, about the size of a large slender cat, and tails about 4 feet long.

Yesterday I was walking along the river, near the River Cafe downtown, crossing the bridge on Ignacio Vallarta street, just outside the River Cafe there are large trees where these guys also hang out. Any day I walk by, I am guaranteed to see these handsome creatures. I took this shot yesterday. His tail behind the tree trunk, but he was a big one. 

I have been told by friends, that sometimes the iguanas hang out on the street, looking for treats, sometimes people feed them. That would be cool to do. You know how they say “stop and smell the roses”, well in Puerto Vallarta, stop and see the wildlife. It is there, just that you have to stop and really look and discover they are there/ Like “finding Waldo”


Have fun on your discoveries, wherever you are.


Robin Miller, “The Mexican Beach Bum”, is an agent with Carpe Diem Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta.

Robin has been in the Mexico Resort Real Estate Industry for over 6 years, assisting clients with their buying and selling decisions. As a member of AMPI, the Mexican National Association for Real Estate Agents, and a REALTOR (member of NAR, U.S. National Association of Realtors), Robin knows the importance of being involved in the available associations for continuing education, to assist foreigners purchase property in Mexico. She also pays generous referral fees to anyone referring buyers! Ask Robin for details about Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, or Puerto Vallarta.

Check out the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit MLS

She can be reached at U.S. (310) 683-0051, or her Mexico Cell:  011-521-322-164-2655.










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